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1000 Stipendii

The project 1000 stipends has been developed as a stimulus to high-school students in Bulgaria with genuine interest in learning and desire for personal development. It centers its efforts on those talented in social sciences, natural sciences and the arts. The program pays special attention to socially disadvantaged students.
After 10 years of activity and 11 competions, in the 2017/2018 academic year was the final edition of the project.
1000 stipends encourages the highly potential, gifted and skilled young minds, but it also stresses on the need of bringing up ingenuity, analytical skills and stimulating educational environment. 1000 stipends is planned as a long term project in order to achieve high public efficiency.
The mission of the project is to create suitable conditions for social mobility and crossing social boundaries. We believe it can be achieved most effectively through investing in the field of education.
1000 stipends is devised to discover and encourage students with distinctive abilities and interest in personal development, and aid them in their pursuit of knowledge and advancement in quality of life. The project aims at provoking a profound interest in universal and European values as part of the intellectual growth of the young people in Bulgaria. In order to achieve these goals, the project provides an annual stipend which consists of: finances, one third of which can be used on books only; and access to professional consultations. There is an option in 1000 stipends which allows acknowledging and supporting the role of the teachers who help carving out those talents, while at the same time securing their help in the course of the stipend. In this way the Foundation aims at strengthening the bond between teachers and students in their growing up as individuals, a connection which has been greatly undermined in the past twenty years. 
To be more tempting and challenging to the young mind, the project provides two types of stipends – up to 900 stipends for demonstrated excellent knowledge, skills and achievements, and up to 100 stipends for exceptional performance, talents and personal initiative.
For more information: www.1000stipendii.org