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The Bulgarian weekly newspaper for arts, culture and politics


Kultura was found in 1957 (at the time of Khrushchev's political "Thaw") under the name Narodna Kultura. With the appointment of Stefan Prodev as its editor-in-chief, and in the years of glasnost and perestroika in the late 80s, the newspaper became the mouthpiece of intellectuals in Bulgaria who dared oppose the regime. The publication of Zhelyu Zhelev's legendary article The Great Times of the Intelligentsia on 22 July, 1988, led to the dismissal of Stefan Prodev several months later. After the fall of the Eastern Bloc in 1989, the newspaper becamŠµ a platform of liberal intellectuals, a laboratory of new ideas in politics, and a proponent of contemporary art forms. 

Today Kultura  continues to maintain the high standards of its publications, and to uphold the criterion of high art. It is a forum for debating issues of deep social, political and cultural impact. 

The current editor-in-chief (since 1990) is Koprinka Chervenkova. After October 1997, all issues are simultaneously published online on www.kultura.bg.

Kultura defines itself as a newspaper standing for the freedom of reason and the reason of freedom. 

Editorial office: 14 Milin Kamak St., Sofia, tel. +359 2 963 21 06, e-mail: kultura@online.bg