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The seventh issue of the 1000 stipends project was launched
27 February 2013 12:39
Until 15th April, 2013, every student in Bulgaria can apply for one of the 1000 stipends in the seventh issue of the 1000 stipends project. All documents and forms can be found on www.1000.bg. » more

02 November 2012 13:30
Organizers: Christianity and Culture magazine, and Konrad Adenauer Foundation Co-organizers: Faculty of Theology at St. Kliment Ohridski Sofia University, and Faculty of Orthodox Theology at St. St. Cyril and Methodius Veliko Tarnovo Universiity Dates: 2-3 November, 2012 Venue: The Red House - Center for Culture and Debate, Sofia, 15 Lyuben Karavelov St. » more

The new title of Communitas Foundation: Frère François (God's Fool: The Life and Times of Francis of Assisi) of Julien Green (in Bulgarian)
09 October 2012 14:43
Communitas Foundation is delighted to offer to the Bulgarian readers one more of the Julien Green's books. Frère François is one of the most moving biographies of the saint from Assisi. » more

12 September - the launch of the new portal on culture in Bulgaria
13 September 2012 15:23
12 September - the launch of the new portal on culture in Bulgaria www.kultura.bg » more

The 2012 Transatlantic Trends Survey report is released
12 September 2012 16:05
The 11th annual Transatlantic Trends survey is released at 08:00 EDT on September 12, 2012. The report explores how Americans and Europeans view the transatlantic relationship and a number of growing challenges facing the world. Of particular interest will be the differing perceptions of U.S. President Barack Obama, as well as Republican presidential nominee Mitt Romney, and how Obama’s foreign policies have been received by the international community. » more

From Sept 10th to the end of October, CF will be interviewing "1000 stipends" candidates
10 September 2012 14:48
From Sept 10th to the end of October, CF will be interviewing "1000 stipends" candidates » more

JCM medical journal' s full archive is already online
28 June 2012 11:36
The full archive of the Journal of Clinical Medicine is already online - on JCM - e-edition. » more

25 June 2012, 18:30 h. About the "live" and "dead" soul: the Gogol case - meeting of the Christianity and Culture Club
25 June 2012 18:30
The last meeting for this season of the Christianity and Culture club is on the topic: About the "live" and "dead" souls: the Gogol case. Participants are father Bozhidar Marinov and Assoc. Prof. Lyudmil Dimitrov. 25 June 2012, 18:30 h, at the Red room of The Red House. » more

Accents from the 24th issue of Kultura weekly
22 June 2012 11:32
"About the fertile chaos of culture" by Johano Strasser in the "Political Culture" column "Spontaneity / Nets" by Rayna Markova in the column "Observers", as well as the actual topic "To run over the onion, pardon me, the forrest" by Mitko Novkov "From biopolitics to negligence" by Krasimir Krumov And much more interesting texts in the 22 June 2012 issue of Kultura www.kultura.bg » more

10 Years of the "Christianity and Culture" Magazine
19 February 2012 11:10
The Christianity and Culture Magazine celebrated its 10th birthday. And as long as every anniversary supposes to strike a balance, it is inevitably the time to ask the question: What did change in people's attitudes to Christianity in Bulgaria in the last 10 years? » more

16 Jan 2012 - VIJ!Fest 2012
16 January 2012 09:01
For the second time, the talents of Bulgaria - holders of Communitas Foundation stipends - gathered on VIJ!Fest to challenge each other, and together to demonstrate that Talent is as vivid as never before! » more