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Sofia now

What does Sofia look like through the eyes of a Bulgarian painter in love, who has the opportunity to look at it... from a distance?
Stanimir Stoilov is a Bulgarian artist born on 5 June, 1960. With a MA degree from the University of Fine Arts, Bulgaria, in the specialty of Illustration in the class of prof. Skortchev, he later worked as his assistant professor. For the last 20 years he's been living and working in Canada. Stanimir Stoilov is the illustrator of many published books, among which is the awarded for illustrations Arthur Rimbaud Poems. His illustrations on N. V. Gogol’s short stories are published in the Canadian literary magazine Tickle Ace.
Stanislav Stoilov, however, is an artist of broad gropings. In 1990 he worked as a designer of the characters of the animated shorts Conservfilm, directed by Zlatin Radev, which in 1992 had Oscar nominations. There follow a number of solo exhibitions - in oil, watercolours, etching and lithographs in Switzerland, Germany, Canada, the USA and Bulgaria. In 1999 he worked on the design of set-scene ofThe Triplets of Belleville,  an animated comedy film written and directed by Sylvain Chomet, which was nominated for two Academy Awards, and received a Canne award. There are mural paintings of Stanislav Stoilov in Canada, and currently he works over a big 3D cinema project.
With the depth and emotionality of a good illustrator, Stoilov immerses us in our Sofia today, and the city shows up in colour, expressive, combining much feeling and style. One could stop, and look at the painting - Yes, in fact Sofia is beautiful, in fact the streets are fussy, tangled up in wires, in fact the autumn trees are raving and the architecture is refined. We just need to re-discover it, to stop and look up to see it all. 
For the Day of Sofia, in September 2011, Communitas Foundation presented the two-year project of Stanimir Stoilov Sofia Now!  Twenty paintings and graphics talk about the way Stanimir Stoilov feels about Sofia today - still a beautiful city, but somehow more saturated, loquacious and multi-layered, fast, and reflecting much brighter its cross-point situation between the Orient and Europe...