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The Virtual Institute of Rational Astrophysics was run in the period 2007-2009 by a group of like-minded enthusiasts. VIRA was a privately funded research organization focused on high-quality fundamental and experimental studies in selected areas of astrophysics and cosmology. 
Communitas rationalized the necessity of existence of such an Institute in the widespread understanding of modern cosmology. It is rooted in Einstein’s geometric theory of gravity and Hubble’s law interpreted as Doppler Effect. It also pre-supposes the validity of the so called "cosmological principle", and respectively the Big Bang theory, which put the line for a number of more or less artificial hypotheses, created to explain it. The whole system suspiciously resembles the Ptolomean epicycles. Yet the prevailing tendency in the recent years is that virtually all financial and experimental resources in cosmology are devoted to Big Bang and related studies, thus ignoring and leaving unstudied alternative rational hypotheses.   
The Institute’s primary mission was to facilitate free, unhampered exchange of ideas and scientific communication in cosmology and selected fields of astrophysics. In an ideal world this would be a given, in astrophysics or elsewhere, as it is absolutely essential for the sound development of any science. Yet we live in the real world where censorship in specialized physics journals and government funding agencies is not unheard of and a number of scientists find this situation intolerable. 
Being a private entity with a modest budget, the Institute had identified three areas of interest, involving fundamental issues, to which the Institute’s activities will be mainly directed. The areas are as follows: 
Cosmological models with (multi)fractal distribution of matter as opposed to an expanding homogeneous Universe;
Studies in Classical and/or Quantum Electrodynamics identifying and elucidating mechanisms by which Doppler-like redshifts of light waves would occur upon propagation through intergalactic, interstellar and general medium;
Alternatives of the Standard Solar/Stellar Model, in which the bulk of the energy produced comes from sources other than nuclear fusion.
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