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Mission and aims

Communitas Foundation has been established in 2006 by Svetoslav Bojilov, a Bulgarian financier who chairs its Board of Management. The mission of Communitas is to support the stable development of civil society in Bulgaria, and to contribute to the European integration and the Transatlantic partnership. Through its programmes, the Foundation aims at setting up conditions and incentives in Bulgaria for the development of informed civil positions on global issues and topics of cultural and universal importance. A  significant accent of the foundation activities is Christianity - its meaning in our society and its influence in culture, arts and politics. Communitas strives for maximum public efficiency in the implementation of its activities.

The Foundation bares the name “community” (Communitas in Latin) as a token of its mission to respond to the cultural and social deficiencies in the Bulgarian society. Communitas builds upon the experience of its founders in the management of non-profit establishments and at the same time unites and expands the activities of Bulgarian Science and Art Foundation, Bulgarian Science and Culture Foundation and the filial The Tipping Point Foundation.
In pursue of its goals and in line of its mission Communitas develops its own programs tailor-made to address the needs of the Bulgarian society. It also participates in major international projects. In this way, Communitas contributes to the inclusion of Bulgaria as an important partner in the major European efforts. Communitas represents the Bulgarian society as a valuable participant in the fight against world diseases, part of the achievement of the Millennium Development Goals.