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The work of Communitas in Bulgaria has four major foci: education, culture, healthcare and social activities. In the sphere of education, in 2007 Communitas launched the social-educational programme 1000 stipends. Its primary objective is the creation of conditions for social mobility via education; for overcoming intellectual barriers and the lack of adequate communication environment of bright children throughout the country; and as a consequence, it selects and further on supports the development of talents of exceptionally bright children. The second accent of the Communitas activities is towards incorporation of the Bulgarian culture in the common space of European civilization. The programme includes the publishing of the monthly Christianity and Culture magazine and the Culture monthly. Within the cultural and socio-political line of Communitas activities, the foundation has established a partnership with The Red House - Centre for Culture and Debate in order to complement the mutual efforts of invigorating public political life. In healthcare, Communitas aims at improving the quality of health service, advancing the organization of medical system, medical knowledge and the training of medical doctors in Bulgaria. In 2008 Communitas started the new bilingual medical scientific magazine, the Journal of Clinical Medicine. Within its fourth direction of activities Communitas supports efforts in bringing up new and adequate attitudes towards orphans and institutionalized children in Bulgaria.

The international programs of Communitas have two main tasks: to support European integration and transatlantic cooperation, and to aid the fight against epidemics among the poorest states in the world. In executing the first task, Communitas Foundation entered in partnerships with major international organisations, among which the network of Open Society Foundation and the German Marshall Fund of the US. Communitas is a founder and one of the main donors of the European Council on Foreign Relations, the first pan-European research centre. Communitas has so far donated USD2 million to ECFR. For the realisation of its second task, the foundation cooperates with one of the most efficient international organisations to fight global epidemics, the Global Fund to Fight AIDS, Tuberculosis and Malaria. In the context of the financial crisis, however, Communitas was pressed to make substantial cuts in all its international projects. Currently, the support of the Bulgarian office of ECFR remains the only viable grand international initiative of Communitas.
The third line of development of the Foundation, in the period 2007-2009, was represented by the Virtual Institute for Rational Astrophysics (VIRA), lead by Veselin Dimitrov, PhD.  Its major mission was to help the free and unhindered exchange of ideas and scientific communication in selected areas of the Astrophysics. Currently, this project is frozen for an unlimited period.
The programmes and involvements shortly presented set the notion for the long-term objectives, the values and the structure of the Communitas future efforts. A principle of the foundation is to follow its objectives though developing its own projects or through establishing strategic partnerships only.