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Central Administration

Svetoslav Bojilov – Founder
Irina Lilova – Executive Director

Dirctions Education, Healthcare, and International and Social Projects

Iskra Djanabetska-Kavaldzhieva – Programme Director

Directions Christianity and Culture and Book Publishing

Veneta Domuschieva – Programme Director
Momchil Metodiev – Programme Coordinator, Editor-in-Chief of Christianity and Culture magazine
Tony Nikolov - Programme Coordinator, projects -Christianity and Culture Club andChristianity and Culture magazine
Stefan Bankov - Marketing, Advertising and Distribution


Kultura Monthly Magazine

Tony Nikolov - Editor-in-Chief
Ludmila Dimova - Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Dimitrina Cherneva - Deputy Editor-in-Chief
Chavdar Ghiuselev - Visual Concept Designer
Stefan Bankov - Marketing, Advertising and Distribution, tel. +359 884 009250


Angelo Roncalli Bookstore for Christianity Literature

Iskra Yakova - Manager