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Christianity and Culture magazine

Christianity and Culture has been published since 2002 as a periodical issued four times per year until the end of 2007, and monthly since the beginning of 2008. The periodical serves as a setting for open discussions, soliciting participation from authors of different religious beliefs and standpoints. All texts published in Christianity and Culture are intended to invite dialogue.

Christianity and Culture seeks to focus on terms, meaning, credibility and modern adequacy of uniformities and imperatives, which by the inexorable compulsion of actuality are rendered obsolete.

The natural and inevitable yearning for quick and discernible changes in the times we are living in functions as a centrifugal force, logically hurling the problems of spirituality and religion to the periphery of relevancy, diminishing their weight and presenting them to us as untimely, symbolical and abstract. However, what has been historically proven, and tragic, is that this outward trend, subject to relentless rule, will only end up with the same problems directed back on its same trajectory. Moreover, problems that we throw to the periphery return more powerful and twice as influential. Therefore, this centrifugal rejection in problems of spirituality and religion is, in effect, impossible. These matters inherently belong to the core of relevancy, and will eventually return to it; we will understand that they never left their central position. Experience shows that any delay to comprehend this concept would appear fatal.

The Christianity and Culture project addresses the absence of a broad and literate dialogue in topics relating to spirituality, as well as peculiar tensions of the intelligent nature of man. These tensions stem from the impossibility to share and discuss spiritual moods and religious feelings in an environment which coincides with the intelligent, cultured and educated nature of man.

The mission of the magazine is to lay the cornerstone and to work within its capacities for:

1. Opening the door from the world on non-believers, but who are seeking, toward the world of Christian faith;

2. Establishing the Christian perspective to the agenda and the problems of the civil society as equally important as the other perspectives formative for directions and actions of the society in all spheres of life; 

3. Bridging the gap between the political and economical progress made in the process of European integration on the one hand, and the lack of acceptance of the Christian values and conduct which are fundamental for united Europne, on the other. 

4. Building atmosphere of tolerance and mutual respect among the Christians of different denominations.

Christianity and Culture is prepared by two editorial boards:
Momchil Metodiev                           Kalin Yanakiev 
Dimitar Spassov                              Tzocho Boiadjiev
Veneta Domuschieva                     Georgi Kapriev
Tony Nikolov                                      Nikolai Treyman
The board with Editor-in-chief Momchil Metodiev edits six issues, and aims at reviewing actual and debatable problems from the field of Christianity and culture.
The board with Editor-in-chief Kalin Yanakiev prepares four issues (Spring, Summer, Autumn, and Winter) with an academic incline.

Editorial board

The Red House Center for Culture and Debate
15 Lyuben Karavelov St., Sofia 1000
t./f: +359 2 981 0555
e-mail: hkultura@communitas-bg.org
More information (full archive of past issues): www.hkultura.com