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The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is the first pan-European think-tank. Launched in October 2007, its objective is to support the achievement of a strong and confident Europe, capable of exerting influence and of upholding its values within the multipolar world of the 21st century. 
ECFR has based its work on innovative research methodologies and a unique organisation structure: 

The Council

ECFR has brought together a distinguished Council of over 160 members - politicians, decision makers, thinkers and business people from 27 states, members and non-members of the EU, who have created a genuine European strategic community, which contributes to the ECFR research, and keeps up its infuence within and beyond Europe. 

The ECFR Research Centre

The international team of distinguished researchers and practicionners carries out profound researches on the ground and produces innovative reports and short analyses, such as the annual European Foreign Policy Scorecard and the well known The View of...

The National Offices

ECFR, uniquely among European think-tanks, has offices in Berlin, London, Madrid, Paris, Rome, Sofia and Warsaw. They give impetus to the national debates of the EU foreign policy, they collect political information and present the ECFR studies and ideas in Europe. The Sofia office is represented by Dimitar Bechev and Nikoleta Gabrovska.

ECFR’s Bulgarian Council Members include 

Svetoslav Bojilov - Founder of Communitas Foundation and President of Venture Equity Bulgaria Ltd.
Ivan Krastev - Chair of Board of the Centre for Liberal Strategies
Nikolay Mladenov - former Minister of Foreign Affairs of Republic of Bulgaria.
Contact person:
Nikoleta Gabrovska
Advocacy and Communications Officer,
Sofia office
European Council on Foreign Relations
26 Solunska str., Sofia 1000, Bulgaria
t: +359 2 421 40 52 
f: +359 2 981 89 25 
email: nikoleta.gabrovska@ecfr.eu