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Angelo Roncalli Bookstore for Christianity Literature

Angelo Roncalli is a bookstore for Christianity literature which is a result of the cooperation between the Catholic Apostolic Exarchate in Bulgaria and Communitas Foundation. It is named after the Blessed Pope John XXIII who spent 10 years of his life in Bulgaria as Apostolic Visitor, ambassador of the Holy See, and was famous for his sincere love to Bulgarians.

The Angelo Roncalli Bookstore, following the example of its patron, will aim, in a spirit of brotherhood, to provide an opportunity for reaching the spiritual treasury of Christian tradition. The bookstore is set with the intention to become a place for ecumenical dialogue between all Christian believers, and to present an opportunity for all others to acquaint themselves and to get closer to the truths of the Christian Church.

Amongst the titles in the bookstore, one could find books of dogmatic theology and religious documents, passionals and spiritual literature from the orthodox and the western fathers of the Church, fiction and philosophical literature, as well as Christian publications for children.