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Journal of Clinical Medicine

The Journal of Clinical Medicine was published in the period 2008 - 2011.

Mission of JCM

- Journal of Clinical Medicine promotes the development of scientific medical knowledge in Bulgaria by offering publication of competing opinions.
- The Journal focuses on presenting the nowadays status of clinical research in Bulgaria and propagates its achievements over the world. Thus, it contributes to its affiliation to world medical excellence.
- The Journal looks for maximal possible effect on public health.
- The Journal offers publication facilities to discussing actual problems of clinical education of medical students as well as of postgraduate and continuing education of medical doctors.
- The Journal has the ambition to establish itself as a quality scientific journal of medicine in Bulgaria and a factor in medical education and training.
- It aims at achieving impact factor and international referencing.
- In the long term, JCM aims for maximizing the public effect by influencing the positive development of the quality of health services and medical training in Bulgaria.
The Journal topics included:
- Therapeutic and diagnostic issues of clinical practice. New therapeutic and diagnostic tools and breaks-through in clinical medicine.
- New methods in modern surgery.
- New insights in drug development and advances in drug delivery systems.
- Safety issues of use of medicinal products in particular patients populations.
- Clinical investigations and assessment of medicinal products.
- Issues of clinical investigations in pharmacoeconomics
- Problems of healthcare providers and management of healthcare outcome.
- Regulatory issues and pharmacovigilance.
- Issues of graduate and continuing postgraduate medical education.
JCM was a bilingual magazine, each volume having a Bulgarian and an English edition. The purpose is to address both, Bulgarian and international professional audiences by reducing communicative obstacles.