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Our Mission

Communitas Foundation has been established in 2006 by Svetoslav Bojilov, a Bulgarian financier who chairs its Board of Management. The mission of Communitas is to support the stable development of civil society in Bulgaria, and to contribute to the European integration and the Transatlantic partnership. Through its programmes, the Foundation aims at setting up conditions and incentives in Bulgaria for the development of informed civil positions on global issues and topics of cultural and universal importance. A  significant accent of the foundation activities is Christianity - its meaning in our society and its influence in culture, arts and politics. » more


The seventh issue of the 1000 stipends project was launched » more
The new title of Communitas Foundation: Frère François (God's Fool: The Life and Times of Francis of Assisi) of Julien Green (in Bulgarian) » more
12 September - the launch of the new portal on culture in Bulgaria » more
The 2012 Transatlantic Trends Survey report is released » more
From Sept 10th to the end of October, CF will be interviewing "1000 stipends" candidates » more


Christianity and Culture magazine is an attempt to focus on the conceptions, meaning, authenticity and modern adequacy of problems and imperatives which the implacable force of actuality makes us consider as out-of-date. The project for such a magazine expresses the insight about the lack of literate and profound discussion on the themes concerning spirituality. The magazine also tries to create a forum where the spiritual mood and the religious feelings of the intelligent, literate and well-read audience are presented. » more
The project "1000 stipends" has been developed as a stimulus to high-school students in Bulgaria with genuine interest in learning and desire for personal development. It centers its efforts on those talented in social sciences, natural sciences and the arts. The program pays special attention to socially disadvantaged students. » more
JCM is a bilingual magazine, each volume having a Bulgarian and an English edition. The purpose is to address both, Bulgarian and international professional audiences by reducing communicative obstacles. The publishers will aim at achieving periodicity and continuity of the efforts. Currently, the Journal is published three times a year, with the target of reaching a regular frequency of four volumes per year since 2011. » more
„Анджело Ронкали” е книжарница за християнска литература. Книжарницата е създадена и работи в резултат от сътрудничество между Католическата апостолическа екзархия в България и Фондация „Комунитас”. Наречена е на името на папа Йоан ХХIII, който прекарва 10 години от живота си в България, като Апостолически делегат – посланик на Светия престол и е известен със своята искрена обич към българите. » more
The European Council on Foreign Relations (ECFR) is the first pan-European think-tank. Launched in October 2007, its objective is to conduct research and promote informed debate across Europe on the development of coherent and effective European values based foreign policy. » more